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Upcycled Door Table with a 50’s look

Upcycled Door Table with a 50’s look

I love anything that I can upcycle. I have a collection of old doors, table legs and chairs all waiting for the perfect combination.

I finally found the perfect legs for an old black door I have had for quite some time. They were chrome legs off a 50’s laminated table which would also work well with the formica 50’s chairs I had found. I never really know the colour scheme for the door tables as it all depends on the different colours the door has been painted over the years. I knew I wanted to keep some black but what a great surprise once I started sanding to see tones of grey, cream and then of course the timber. The chairs were grey, red & cream……Perfect.


I was so excited to get to the final sand after filling and doing the joins in black gap filler. Once that varnish went on I knew this door table was going to look better than I ever imagined. Once those super cool legs were attached I actually had to jump with joy. It just looked so cool.


This table was a nice narrow one yet long so could fit 6 to 8 people on it.  All the door tables I make are one of a kind and take time to put together as its all about each part working together to create a style.





I am currently working on an amazing HUGE door table which has been made with 2 matching barn doors that have not been painted so I have that weathered wood look to work with. The legs I have found and used are big chunky timber legs which are a light colour so will defiantly need painting. More on this soon.

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