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Retro Girl Dresser

Retro Girl Dresser


What a makeover!

As you have probably seen I have a passion for the 50’s – 60’s dressers which are becoming
more hard to get since I started Kiss Create a year and a half ago.

I found this one looking very sad and ugly. It was missing handles and was very dusty.


Once I had it home and was cleaning it up inside and out my miss 6 said “Mum you should make a girl dresser”
I have painted all my 4 daughters a dresser each and thought that is a great idea!
Every girl should have a dresser. I love playing ladies with our fine bone china and teapots and
why not play ladies with our dressers. Great for little girls to keep their cloths and treasures in as
well as teens for their┬ámakeup, jewellery and underwear. Of course we all should have a dresser don’t you think?

I have been collecting vintage wallpapers for a few years now and had a gorgeous flower vinyl (wipe & steam proof) wallpaper.
That would be my inspiration for this piece. I mixed a light pink to match the flowers and painted all the drawers in this colour.
The main part of the dresser was painted in old white, many coats. I had forgot to save some extra paint for touch ups and noticed one of the drawers had a chip so I mixed up the darker pink and painted a few drawers in that colour and went even further adding a yellow in.
I find this a lot that I make a mistake which ends up leading towards a better outcome. I had a sleepless night about what I had just done thinking it was not going to look cool with all the colours.

When I put it all together I was so excited to see it had actually come together nicely. I then attached the wallpaper to the sides of the dresser and lined all drawers that I had also painted to refresh. I decided to keep the handles worn as I liked the look of this together with the colours and wallpaper. I used a gloss varnish to really brighten it all.

I hope you all enjoy my creation inspired from wallpaper and my little daughters idea.
I plan to do more girlie & teens dresser and certainly can do custom colours.

So here it is
















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