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Restoring Queen Anne legs

Restoring Queen Anne legs
Grandmas Dresser

Grandmas Dresser

I was asked by Camilla if I could restore and paint a dresser she had under the house that was her Grandmas.
When picking it up from her lovely Burleigh Heads home I noticed one leg was broken and the other three where
unsteady. It was just beautiful even in its worn out state.

I researched online for some information on the Queen Anne leg. There was nothing to help with the restoration
so it was time to pass this job on to a professional. I asked if images could be taken so I could pass this knowledge
on to all of you out there.

restoring queen anne legs

This was the state of the legs. They had been fixed using screws which is a temporary fix.
All parts of the legs were disassembled & cleaned up.  Important part of this step is to mark each piece so you
know where it belongs when reassembling.

new dowel

New dowel was a must. The old dowel was removed with a drill bit and then new dowel inserted.

gluing legs together

Pieces all cleaned up and sanded so will fit together flush before new dowel could be glued in using
Shelleys Aquadhere polyurethane which is an industrial graded glue for more strength.

clamping legs together

Pieces all back together again, glued and in a clamps to set.

restoring furniture

An extra piece of timber was cut and placed in the corner of each edge of the dresser for more stability.

restoring furniture

Filled and tidied up ready for legs.

queen anne legs

Looking lovely now all cleaned up

restoring queen anne legs

Legs now redowelled & joined. Once dry sanded and glue cleaned. Legs had been battered around a little so
filled and sanded to a smooth surface again.

adding queen anne legs

Once legs had the side parts attached with the dowel and glued they then needed to be sanded square to
fit flush with the dresser. Once attached with glue, screws were used to complete attachment.

fixed queen anne legs

Looking good. Now to PAINT.

Finished pictures of this beautiful loved dresser are on my facebook page.
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Thank you,

Amanda x


  1. Helena · February 24, 2015 Reply

    Hi Amanda,
    not sure if it’s me but I am unable to see any pictures on this post (other than the first two)
    it would be really interesting to see the process 🙂

    • admin · February 24, 2015 Reply

      Hi Helena,
      Thank you so much for letting me know. I worked on this post at the same time as changing servers. All photos are there now.
      Thanks for reading my post.
      Kind regards,
      Amanda x

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