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Finds with history

Finds with history

After seeing an ad for a deceased estate I had a feeling I should go along.
On arrival to a farm with a pretty outlook there was stuff everywhere.
It looked like throwout piles. So much to look through.

I found some old doors that caught my attention with piles of rubbish around them.
I could see some wooden pigeon holes behind some old timber and when I moved them
there was the most amazing wooden shelf.

I got chatting to the lovely father and brother of the man that had passed and this stunning piece is an original
post office sorter from the Jimboomba Post Office. I just love any old timber, this had aged nicely and with a
little work I will bring this piece back to life.


I also collected a lot of trunks and crates that were from the Enoggera Barracks. I have a lot of ideas for these
so stay tuned for some upcycled shelving units and cupboards.


After a lot of interest into the old post office shelving piece I have decided that I just cannot part with it.
I will use it for my many treasures that I find on my desk. I will post pictures when it is finished and filled.

Amanda x

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