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Vintage Hardware

A true love of mine…….

Vintage hardware
Now harder to find, it’s a real treat when you find some lovely old handles or knobs.


Quite a few of the special finds I have had lately all had their original hardware. I always like to have stock as there is always a piece that has lost part of the handle or knob.


Some just need a good clean others may need a little re spray. Chrome being my favourite at the moment.


I am always on the lookout and carry tools with me for that surprise old throwaway with such special handles on the side of the road.
I have even purchased furniture just for the handles.


Even the old plastic handles seem to last the test of time. These cool ones are off the sweetest little cupboard. Love the colours.


I am also lucky to have some sweet spotters that keep a look out for me.

I am looking forward to sharing the pieces that belong with this collection of hardware.

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