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Sixties Desk

Sixties Desk

This amazing retro desk was snapped up by Natalie. I had just received a photo from my amazing finder Angela with this description……

I am sending a photo of an amazing retro desk… 1960’s belonged to a kaftan wearing Kamahl lover free spirited traveller great aunt… the niece was moving and could not keep it. The old aunt used it as a sewing table. It has fab metal legs, laminate top and drawer fronts and grey/silver patterned vinyl sides on deeper part. It looks like snake skin.

The same day Natalie contacted me enquiring about a desk. Perfect match found. Natalie’s request was grey & white which was a perfect colour scheme for this desk.


I love the angles, almost like wings bordering the drawers. Such a retro vibe. Just love it.


The patterned vinyl has different shades of grey through it. There was some marks on it which I managed to clean off. Would have been a shame to paint it. I have not seen anything like this before. Angela was right it looks like snakes skin.


The three drawers had a black boarder painted between the laminate & wooden sides. I refreshed the black & painted inside the drawers as well as the sides & the front. What a difference!


The super cool handles bring it all together. Black, grey & white such a classic colour scheme yet suits this retro style.


Oh and we must not forget the legs.


So excited for Natalie to pick up her new desk. I love giving these amazing pieces a makeover as well as a new home.


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